Fair Compare: Steel vs. Aluminum

You’re designing your planters, trying to decide between aluminum and steel. How can you determine which one is more suitable for your project? Over at Deco Planters, this is probably the most frequently asked question. Here’s an outline of the advantages of mild steel and aluminum, each with powder-coated finish.

Planters, Edging and the Connect System™

Planters, Edging and the Connect System™ Connecting the Dots…  It is no simple task to conceive a well-designed planting space. Imagining the ultimate results while keeping all fabrication possibilities in mind requires a keen eye. Deco Planters’ full line of planting structures facilitates the design and layout process. With our.

Fiberglass: Advantages & Disadvantages in Planter Use

Fiberglass, also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic or GRP, has its merits. Why then is it not considered a prime choice for planters? Let’s examine the properties of GRP and how they compare with metal. WEIGHT GRP is lightweight, yet that also makes it a lot flimsier than metal. COST.


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